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Swedish Massage Therapy
Long slow soothing strokes melt away stress and tension  
30 Minutes-$40.00   60 Minutes-$65.00  90 Minutes-$95.00

Deep Tissue Massage
Customized therapeutic techniques help heal, reduce pain and release tight muscles
30 Minutes-$40.00   60 Minutes-$65.00  90 Minutes-$95.00

Foot Massage
Specialized techniques to soften and stretch the fascia, muscles and tendons, improve joint movement and break up scar tissue
30 Minutes-$35.00

Sports Massage
Massage is integrated with joint movement, stretching, and muscle flushing techniques for the sports enthusiast
30 Minutes-$40.00   60 Minutes-$65.00  90 Minutes-$95.00

Back Massage
Focuses on specific techniques to reduce pain and tension of the neck, shoulders and back
30 Minutes-$40.00   60 Minutes-$65.00


The power of aromatic essential oils are integrated into any massage to deepen the treatment effects                                          Add $5.00 to any service

Massage & Back Scrub & Wrap
Relax, energize or detox with this treatment. It includes a back exfoliation, thalassotherapy wrap, and full body massage. 

60 Minutes-$65.00

Hand and Foot Treatments

20, 30 or 45 minutes - $30 / $40 / $45 

Maximize the benefits of your therapy.  Purchase six sessions and recieve your seventh session free

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Say "I Love You" with a gift certificate for a massage, treatment or medical consultation.


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